Thursday, 11 June 2009

Into June.....ARGHHHHH.....

I can't believe it is the middle of June already. This past couple of weeks has been a blur! Not only have I been battling the dreaded lurgy given to me so lovingly by my children (who didn't suffer nearly as bad nor as long as I have) but I have had so much going on as well. Typical really! So what has been going on.... I helped Ang photograph her brothers wedding on the weekend (Saturday to be precise) and the weather and day was lovley. Sunday and Monday I worked at the Scrapbooking and Papercrafts Convention (fun but exhausting). And yesterday I photographed the 3 Day Group at Liam's Kindy. That was exhausting too! But I am really pleased with some of the photos I captured! I had to laugh when I had the last three girls to do - Rochelle, Emma and Olivia - they came out and were done in minutes! Seasoned professionals the three of them! I will not be surprised to see these girls on magazine covers when they get older because they certainly knew how to "strike a pose"!! So that covers only a few days but it sums up life lately! Andrew has to go in for surgery on his knee in August so that will be exciting. Nothing too major but something that needs to be done. It means 2 weeks off his feet in recovery though, so that could be interesting. Erin mangaged to loose two teeth in one week. The really funny part is I didn't even know they were that wobbly! The first one to come out even surprised Erin! I think she said something along the lines of "my tooth just came out" after getting out of the bath and the look of shock said it all! The next one was loosened by some corn on the cob eating the night before and then was swallowed with rice crackers the next day at school! She that was pretty funny. There has been plenty of scrapping going on as well. Especially in the lead up to the weekends show. I will get those pages off my camera and load them next time. I have plenty of other projects to share though. I have really been enjoying my craft lately, I guess I have been doing it soley for my enjoyment with no pressure and it shows. Oh, I remember something else I need to share... I have a new camera!!! I know you (like everyone else) are probably asking if I really need another camera??!! Well obviously the answer is yes!!! I got myself a hot little Canon G10 point and shoot. I decided I didn't want to lug around all my equipment "just in case" to family and other casual events. So I got myself a really nice point and shoot! It is full of manual features and even records in raw so it is just what I was after. Now I have something that fits in my handbag! I will of course take the good gear to other events if requested!! OK, time to share.... As you can see I have been having fun with some older photos as well as current ones! I can't get over how quickly they grow, even a single year makes such a difference at the moment. Oh well, I guess that is why I take so many photos!! I need to be sure not to miss a thing! Just before I go, here are a few photos from the Scrapbook City Retreat back in April. This was from the "Masquerade" event. The ladies go to so much trouble with our fun dress up events. If you are interested in our retreats go to the link here, this is our retreat blog. We are having another one in October and also April next year, but they usually fill so fast so get in quick if you think you might like to come along!

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