Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fun Photos from April

I thought I would share some fun photos from a couple of months ago! April is my sister Susan's (aka Sooz) birthday and we had a low key afternoon tea near GOMA to celebrate. While there to get people interested in letting me photograph them I suggested they jump of the little garden wall and I snap them in action. Well I went from people not wanting to be photographed to having a line up for their turn! Here are a few in action shots to show you what we got up to. Keep in mind these are single shots from a series taken in quick succession showing the whole jumping process. I think the mid-air shots best represent the concentration that the subjects had while doing the jump!!! Funny stuff really!
Here are the three kids having their turn. Grandma's can jump too! The birthday girl.... Lucky last, my little brother. Showing off... as usual!!
Still going through heaps of photos so will try and get back with some more soon. Oh and also more layouts using the new product we had at the show.

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AnnetteL said...

Hi Katie!

Awesome photos! Tag you're it! I have tagged you on my blog come over and check out the details.