Thursday, 18 September 2008

Almost School Holidays....again!

Well it is almost time for the September/October school holidays and I feel a break from rushed mornings will be great. I am hoping to get a bit of photo taking done with my willing models over this time...but we will see! Life is continuing at its fast pace, I guess I just need to face facts and come to terms with the fact that this is normal and quiet weekends don't really exist! Speaking of weekends, last weekend we went to Seaworld for the Energex family fun night! We got home at almost midnight that night but everyone had a great time. We all went on the flume ride and just had to bring home the photos that they snap as you go down the big drop. The one with Andrew and Erin is a cracker! The dolphin show was great too. Below are the kids on a couple of the rides in the Sesame Street Beach kids area. Things are starting to gear up at the shop now as we prepare for Christmas with a newsletter and classes and the like. And if that won't keep us busy enough we have a few surprises in stall too to keep our supporters on their toes! Keep an eye out for that, as soon as I can I will spill the beans here too! I thought I might add a few more photos from the shoot I did for Jenny and Richard. So here they are: And here are few from when I was playing around with my newest lens (my first "L" series, if I haven't already mentioned that!! And looking back I haven't!! Well I now own a beautiful 70-200 f2.8 L series lens and it is superb! I want more!!!) Well, that is enough for now, I suppose. Oh I remember something more, I have entered the Canon Photo 5 competition! I have just this week received my little box of goodies and need to find a creative way to photograph these items: cocktail umbrella, red ribbon, black crayon, bottle of bubbles and a tea light. If you think of any wonderful ideas contact me!! I will try and photograph them soon to show you what I mean! Catch you next time and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wow, is it September already??!!

Wow life has sure been busy and it will stay that way at least until the end of September! So this is why I have been neglectful of my blog. So whats news over the past month or so? July - In July we packed up the car and took a trip to Stanthorpe where we stayed for 5 nights in the cold! Yes we chased the cold and it was great. Cold, like five layers and beanie cold at times, but it was nice to have that fresh cold. Although, having said that it got colder a couple of weeks after we got back and they even had snow there! To quote the great Agent 86 - "Missed it by that much"! July also had us celebrating my nephew Daniel's 4th birthday and to say he had a good time is probably an understatement! I have pictures but they are on my other PC!! (yes another PC but that news will come later.....) August - Gearing up for birthdays and the fete kept this month full of action. Took Mum to a nursery for some "stuff" for her birthday and it was a nice morning as the nursery had a coffee shop too, where we had to start of course! Then the fete and Richard's birthday all on the same day (not to mention the Riverfire fireworks too!). I spent all morning working on the two stalls run by the girls classes (coffee shop for Erin and Mexican stand for Niamh) after which, it was on to viewing class performances and then the rides..... To say I was exhausted after this is a complete and utter understatement! I was falling asleep on the lounge by 8pm that night! Not surprisingly I was in bed soon after that. Went to Richard and Jenny's to take some family photos the next day (and there are some previews below) and it was nice to catch up with them both and my beautiful little niece who is growing so quickly! September - And that brings us to the current month! Liam turned 4 on the first (I am still coming to terms with my baby being 4 so lets just leave it there I think!). Liam had his first ever party with his own friends, 12 kindy friends to be exact! And they had a ball at McDonalds! Again, after this I needed a strong cup of something and a lie down. Liam just loved all his presents but most of all the Star Wars transformer that Daddy gave him! And we are still getting together with family on the weekend too! So that is a nice little overview of our busy lives over the past couple of months. Oh, I did forget to mention my new PC! Just last week we bought the fixings for a new "powerful" PC for my photo storing and processing requirements, it is great and running smoothly thanks to the talents of my wonderful husband! We now have quad core power and 4Gb of RAM! Yay no more struggling through photoshop editing! ( A shiny 22" monitor will be on its way soon too, yay!) So that is enough rambling on, have a look at some of the photos from the fete; Rich, Jen and Jasmine; Liam's party. Thanks for stopping by and catch you next time.
Liam's Birthday
Richard, Jenny and Jasmine
Graceville Fete