Thursday, 29 October 2009

More to share

Well a couple of weeks has flown by. Since I last posted I have worked at the Craft show, worked at the shop, done some scrapping, bought a new punch, bought some papers, wished I could do some more scrapping! Just the usual really! So I have a few pages to share. Most of them have some Slice bits and pieces, and can I say (not that I have used it yet on any of these pages) that the Vintage Findings and Think Pink cards are absolutely beautiful with their frames and flourishes and leaves and things! I will have so much fun with these ones, and I got my hands on some of the vintage findings papers too. Plenty of playing ahead I can see it now! Anyway, lets get on with it hey! This one had sat on my desk for a little while not quite complete. It is one of those "I can't believe how grown up she looks" moments when I saw the photos. I think it was the Wedding card I used for the title, I really love the font on that card. This was one of those funny moments looking at these photos seeing my one year old niece and Niamh's friend (10 years old) in exactly the same embrace with a kangaroo on a visit to Alma Park Zoo. This is my sweet but very funny little niece and her standard face for the camera! I used the Big Kids card for this one, just love the little monster and the font is cool too! Well, my Niamh is playing water polo at school for sport! I didn't even know that they offered this let alone that Niamh was interested! She is the one in the purple cap. Anyway, it has been fun to watch even if they don't really know what they are doing! I used the Fonts card for the title, another really nice font this one, and the Studio Essentials for the little tabbed folder, this is another great card for those little bits and pieces. The letters for this one came from the Fa La La card (lots of cool fonts on this one), and the little people from the Just Chillin' card. The kids loved the people and I had to cut a few more out after they saw these ones! Well, there you have it! What I have been up to lately. I do need to edit some photos too so more things to share later. Here are a few more photos from our Sydney trip though.
No Liam isn't taking the photo, but he certainly did not want to be in the photo!
Warning, warning Will Robinson! Sydney Aquarium What a view these mountain goats have!
Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Back Again...

Well, I am back again as promised. I have had a play with my new Slice card with the speed upgrade and all I can say is "WOW"! The difference is amazing, and I wasn't terribly bothered by its speed before but now it just races along. The shadow feature is great too. I used it on the layout below about Liam's 5th birthday. I have also been lucky enough to play with some new stock from Scrapbook City. I have some of the new My Minds Eye Abby Road range. I used papers from the Round and Round collections. These are great for little boys pages and travelling pages. There are some great chipboard, ribbon and brad accessories too, as well as the usual great die-cuts. Also I have been using the new BoBunny Delilah papers. These are really rich in their colours and were great to use. I particularly loved the sticker/alphabet sheet a great way to get co-ordinating bits at a great price! These last couple are some older ones that I have been finishing off and meaning to photograph. They have used some older papers, but notice the use of (my other favourite tool) border punches! I am using the border punches almost every page that I do at the moment and I am really loving the Martha Stewart Lace Doily most of all! So, now to just finish photographing the others that I have finished and I can show you some more! Catch you soon.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Back in the Swing

Well, school holidays have come and gone (and I think I need a week all by myself to recover!) and life is getting back to the usual routine. School, Kindy, Work and all those things that go along with that. The bright side is I have been able to get back to doing some things just for me! Like buying new Slice cards....I know I probably don't really need any more new ones...but....I am waiting for my Vintage Findings and FaLaLa ones to arrive in the mail and I have Mix and Mingle sitting on my desk waiting for a play! Very cool. I also really like the look of the Jungle and Sea ones being released soon. I think these might have to go on the Birthday/Christmas list! I also bought Big Kids during the holidays, taking my total to 12 cards (ok, I do have a problem, but at least the obsession is mostly harmless!) I have a couple of pictures to show you the day the sky went orange when we were in Sydney. Andrew described it best as feeling like we were in a glass of Fanta. It really was that orange. The first is the view from our apartment on a normal sunny day and the second, well its orange and the visibility is pretty low. I also have a page to share, this was done a little while ago and I just haven't got around to posting it. It is from last years fete and the look on Liam's face in the last shot is priceless. It is funny to think that this year he was doing this ride all by himself! What a difference a year makes. I have a few other pages in the wings and hope to get them up soon so keep an eye out. Not to mention I will have to report back on the new Slice cards! I will also add in a few more photos from Sydney. We had a ball and the kids really enjoyed the experience too. Till later, catch you soon.