Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hello... I'm Back!

Geez, you think you are on a good thing, getting things done timely, then it all just goes out the window! Oh well, as they say in the movies, "That's Life"!

But never the less, I am back. Today with some more Studio Calico - Bright Idea inspired pages, and my beginnings into Project Life. I had been scared off by PL with all those people doing weekly spreads. One I just don't have the time and two I don't have the inclination to document like that, so I just wrote it off as not for me. But the more I saw, the more I thought I could adapt it to suit me, and I had tried to do something a little like this years ago before the trend hit (not so organised as this is however, just a summary kind of documention!), and I had "stuff" that I could use, so I thought, why not!

I have decided to do a monthly overview instead of a weekly one, with the option of making more spreads if the month was particularly "busy". I know others are doing this out there, so I know I am no pioneer, nor unique, it just took me a little longer to get there than others! Anyway, enough waffling, the outcome is something the kids love, is easy for me to keep up with, and a great way to have an overview of the year in a simple format! Yay!

So let me share with you my latest tinkerings!

Firstly Bright Ideas # 8 String Art - use string art somehow, somewhere on your page.

I ended up having fun with this, and love the yellow (one of my fav colours right now!).

Bright Ideas # 9 - Washi Tape Takeover - use no patterned paper, use washi instead, cool right?!

What I ended up doing for this one is cover some cardstock in stripes of washi to create my own patterned paper, then I cut tags and other bits and pieces to create my background. My favourite part was the washi feathers that I made (in the close up picture), based on an idea that I pinned and I am not exactly sure where it originally came from, but very very cool!

So next up are my first PL spreads - Dec 2012 and Jan 2013. Nothing amazingly exciting about them, but my start to more regular documenting, and that is what is important!

I quite enjoyed making one photo fit four slots, a great way to get a large photo in! Now that I have played with what I already have on hand, I can feel the need to add to my "stuff" to be better organised!!! Any excuse, right?!

Til next time.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Something to Share!

Well, I pulled my finger out and made an effort to stop looking at stuff on-line and actually do things that I have been thinking about. The result is a one of a kind cut file for my Cameo and a finished layout from the long finished Bright Ideas class over at Studio Calico! Yay me!

So the challenge for this Bright Ideas task was to create shaped text to somehow include on your page.I decided to do a guitar filled with my own words about Niamh liking to strum her guitar. My favourite part of this page however was the title card that I created and then cut with my Silhouette. (geez I love this machine!). So lets get down to it and play show and tell!

So I drew the card and then scanned it in and finally imported into the Studio software to create my cutting file. Pretty nifty isn't it??!! Well I am pleased even if no one else is! The wonder of being able to include my own handwriting in a title without having to use a craft knife to finish it off! I also cut the musical notes with the Silhouette too, just to finish it all off. All in all something that I am most pleased with!

So, if you like the title card, and have a Silhouette I have decided to let you have a copy of the file! You can find the file here, just please mention me if you do use it, and come back and let me know too so I can see how you used it!

Well, that is enough for today. Although it has spurred me on to go and create some more!

Katie x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Update

Well, Easter certainly crept up quietly but quickly this year! But it is definitely nice to be on go slow for the school break!

Since the last update we have added two more mice to our brood (don't ask, I am still not quite sure how it happened!). They have all settled in well, and are already well trained like the original two. All you have to do is shake the seed container and they come running looking for you to give them seeds!

Our feathered friend is well settled also. Pearl is such a lovely sweet bird who loves to be on someone's shoulder and be included in the family activities.

Here are the two new meeces... They are Casper (the white, well actually she is creamy coloured one) and Monkey is the other, she is tail-less which was kind of strange at first, but she is not bothered!

So our Easter long weekend has flown by in a flurry of chocolate and egg hunts. Here are a few pictures of the two family activities we had on over the weekend.

I think the kids had a lot of fun with their cousins, which is always nice. And we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another one too! With only days (hopefully) to go, my brother and his lovely wife are expecting number 3 anytime now! Yipee, another baby to play with!

Well, that's us for now. Hopefully I might get some crafting happening while we are on go slow mode!

Til next time...