Friday, 27 April 2007

I've been tagged!

Yes, I have been tagged by the lovely Michelle! So about the "tagging" process, I now need to list 7 interesting facts/habbits about myself and then name 7 people to "tag". That will be the hardest part I think! Oh well, here goes nothing...... 1. I was going to be an astronaut when I left school. I even got myself a Physics degree and halfway to a Space and Mechanical engineering degree....but then I fell in love and the rest is history! 2. Apparently I am a very bad sick...that is I am a bit of a whinger when I am sick! I don't like being sick and I certainly let everyone know about it! 3. It took me a while to build up enough confidence to learn to drive. I was in a few car accidents in my time and this put me off for quite a while.... 4. I am going to start a photography course this year, very soon with any luck. Because this is my other great passion. 5. After finishing all my science study, and after I got married, I went and studied maths, and even used it as a data analyst with Suncorp. I know what you are thinking..this girl is a nerd! 6. I always knew that I wanted to have children, and now I have three! Sometimes I wonder if I had known then what I know now if I would have done things differently! 7. I have had two photos selected and displayed in the Museum of Brisbane for the last two Lord Mayors Photography competitions. Now to pick some others Alicia and Nikala. I would delve some more but the tagging is well and truly taking over!!!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Well, see what happens when the Scrapbook City site is back up and running again??!! I have not posted on here for almost a month! Wow, a month flies by really quickly.

The kids are getting ready to go back to school (tomorrow) after Easter holidays. Andrew has started his new job (last week), and soon it will be me and Liam by ourselves for most of the week. What an adjustment that will be! I certainly got used to Andrew being home most of the time!

I have had plenty of DT things going on for Scrapbook City, and I have enjoyed being back in the swing of scrapping again. Seemed that I was too busy with other things for the shop for a while there to do anything else! Here are some of my LO's:

This one is from Alicia's April sketch challenge. I just love the photos of Liam! The paper is just gorgeous too. It is from the We R Memory Keepers new precious metal range. I think this will be in store this week.