Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What have I been up to??

Well, it has been over two months since I last posted, so you would hope a whole lot! But really in the scheme of things not a lot!

I did have a scrappy retreat weekend with my crafting girlfriends at the end of April, and I put together quite a few pages then, I even did a couple of April challenges, I just never got them photographed and up! Never mind, I am always happy for a start to my scrapping process. May seemed to come and go in a blur, not a lot of crafting happened (burn out from my weekend perhaps?) and now here we are in June.

I have had the most wonderful experience this month, however, that involves crafting and a special class! I got to craft with the wonderful and talented Tim Holtz! Yay for me!! I have to admit, his was the first and only class that I have ever taken, and now anything else will have a very very high bench mark to make it worth my while! Let me just say the Tim and Mario are such wonderfully laid back and down to earth people and the class was pure joy. The time just disappeared in a flash of laughing, inking, painting and creating. I do have some photos of me with Tim, but they are on a friends camera so I will have to wait to put those ones up, but I do have a few of my own from the day too.

So, obviously, this is the lovely Tim himself!

And this is my creation.

And these are the lovely ladies that I was attending with, all holding up our creations and the wonderful Mario so kindly holding up mine!

So apart from this here are a few layouts from my crafty retreat back in April, if some of them look vaguely like sketch challenges from April then they probably are, I can't remember which ones I did! Hmmm failing memory is that a bad sign??!!

There are quite a few more, but I might share some of them another time, don't want to overload you!

So, that's life at the moment. Thanks for stopping by!