Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rainbow Splendour Share

There is a Rainbow Splendour sale on today (Thursday 25th Februray from 7pm) check out the details on the blog here. Now I got my hands on some new goodies to have a little play with a bit earlier and let me tell you there is some cool stuff coming!!

I have shared this on the sale FB page already, but here is one page, created using some new goodies and there is more than just the obvious about this page! But you will need to tune into the sale to find out!

So let's get the page up shall we?!

So there is lots of goodies on this page that are a part of the sale, some as I mentioned might be obvious, but others well....

You might have seen the sneak on the FB sale page showing the wood veneer crosses/plus signs, well they go perfectly with Charms Creations X's!

Love a cluster!

Lots and lots of crosses, but I love that you could use these as crosses or plus signs!

So I hope I have you curious about the "other" stuff that will be on sale!

Thanks for stopping by,

Katie x

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Anne P said...

Adorable page Katie.