Sunday, 6 July 2014

Challenge Number 3

Challenge number 3 was a little more tricky, well I thought it was going to be! This was a product challenge, and the product was flowers (I must admit, not my most favourite nor used product!). Not only was it flowers, but you needed to include at least 5 different kinds of flowers on your project! Now I wasn't even sure that I had 5 different kinds of flowers in my stash! Well it turns out that I did, and more! So here is what I ended up with:

Now, I am not great with flower clusters, but I think this turned out ok. Again plenty of D'Lish to be seen! Including - small paper blue flowers, purple ribbon flower, flower sequins, gold glitter washi and motex. I also have a great little tip (I read somewhere recently but could not tell you where!), attach your sequins with liquid pearls and you get a pretty centre for you sequin!

So that is all I have done for now, but I will be attempting some more! The final date to have them in is Monday 14th July. So I have a little time up my sleeve!

Katie x


Linda Eggleton said...

I think your flower clusters look fabulous! I would never have guessed that this flower challenge had you outside your comfort zone. Your layout is gorgeous and the photos look like a lot of fun :)

Alz said...

Fabulous work Katie especially given that you're not much of a flowers girl!!!! Thanks for the tip re the liquid pearls and the sequins. Very happy to see you scrapping outside your comfort zone!! :)