Thursday, 14 February 2013

New Additions!

So, Daughter #1 (as in eldest not best!!) had her birthday last weekend. Fourteen can you believe?! I am not sure that I can, but I guess it is what it is! So what did we get a fourteen year old for her birthday I hear you ask, well some clothes, a charm for her bracelet and some mice. Yep, we gave in and gave her some pet mice. Two cute little creatures that she has named Minnie and Patches. She didn't seem to like the names that I had already given them - Fatso and Wousbag. See I had got to know them before she did, after hiding them from her for four days, and so I thought I had naming rights, but apparently not!

 So this is Minnie (aka Fatso), she is sweet and she does love her food.

And this is Patches, for obvious reasons (aka Wousbag, as she was much more timid!).

And here is the big fourteen year old with her new charges.

Looking more and more grown up every day. But you can't wipe that grin off her face now that she has her own pets!

Also I have managed to do another two of the challenges for the Bright Ideas class over at Studio Calico. I am only behind a bit, they just posted Challenge #9, and I just finished #3!! It is hard to do something every day let me tell you. But no worries, I will be kept with scrapping ideas well after the class finishes, so that is cool!

The first was to sew your title, and I roughly kept to the sketch that came with the challenge too. It was a good excuse to scrap a page celebrating our wedding anniversary that was also last week. 18 years! Wow! But I couldn't imagine having my life with anyone else....

This challenge involved using a map or something map like on your page. Again I kept roughly to the sketch mainly because I loved the big photo and simplicity of the page, which really worked with my photo. I used a printed bit of the Binna Burra walking trail maps along with some map patterned paper, very cool challenge!

So, that about sums up the past week. Next week we celebrate Daughter #2's birthday, we like to pack them in!

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