Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another Pet...

Yes, another pet has entered our household! Erin had her birthday last week and all that she wanted was her very own pet cockatiel, well now she has one! She chose a hand-reared cinnamon pied pearl cockatiel and she is rather sweet. Her name is Pearl, my idea based on her colouring! I had been joking with her that she would have to call her pet bird to be Capn' Jack after Jack Sparrow, but she wouldn't have a bar of that. Well I had to have a giggle when I told her that even though the name Pearl was after her colouring, there also was the ship the Black Pearl in the Pirates movies! So I got my reference after all!!! Funny! So here is the lovely Pearl and her smitten owner!

We are currently getting her used to all of us and being handled, and we seem to be having little achievements every day. So I am sure it won't be too long before Erin will be sitting doing her homework with Pearl on her shoulder, or perhaps trying to eat her pencil!

I have also completed another three challenges from the Studio Calico Bright Ideas class. This class is almost over and I am only up to challenge #7 (out of 22 so far!), but I am not worried. It has all been about getting ideas, trying new things and just generally being inspired to scrap, and that is happening!

So this first one is about the polka dot, making your own no less! So I went for subtle effect and did tone on tone dots on my background, and I also stamped some soft pink spots on my patterned paper.

This next one was all about neutrals with a pop of colour. Pretty self evident I dare say! 

 And last but not least, this was an inspired by kind of page. Here is the original image -

I chose initially the colour scheme, and then also played on the squares and circles and even the gold edges. I am quite pleased with how it finished up. Oh and let me just say, I am loving my silhouette!!!

So, that is all for now. Hopefully some more challenges to come, especially as this week has not been quite as hectic as the last couple!


Ronnie said...

Love them Katie!! I love studio calico too!

Louise - PunknScrap said...

Fantastic layouts Katie, I too am a Studio Calico addict ;) Great work, thanks loads for sharing your blog link over there so I could find you.