Friday, 10 February 2012

Back to School Photos

So, here I am back with the first day of school photos, just in time for finishing week 3!! Nothing like rushing these things!

Well, I know that Niamh is going to hate the fact that I have put this up, but oh well! She looks annoyed because her friend had just arrived to collect her and I was making her late! Like smiling for one second was a major time event..... ahhh teenagers, what can you do with them?! But apart from that, Niamh has settled into high school without drama (excluding the usual hormonal drama that is, as that is ongoing unfortunately...)

Erin, always happy to be back at school, and now being the eldest there, I am sure feeling pretty good about things! Erin has gone into grade 6 and is over the moon to be back in a class with her best friends!

And lastly my littlest one. Well he really isn't that little, but I need to hold onto the idea... Liam has started grade 2 and is already sneaking in his physics books to show the class at "show and tell" time! Only grade 2 but he is already using terms like "fempto seconds" and blowing us all away!

So, haven't done much else lately. Been too hot and humid to think, but I am hoping to get back into some crafting this weekend!

Until next time....

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Anne P said...

Get Crafty Katie. Love the pictures.