Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reno's continued...

Warning....this post is image heavy!!! So I am back with some more photos from the renovations. Things are stalled right at this moment while the rain is here. Which ordinarily wouldn't be a problem, but given they took roof tiles off yesterday for adding the new bedroom roof and we only have a tarp covering said missing tiles area I am a little more concerned about the rain! Especially since we are expecting storms today and tomorrow! Oh well, we cross our fingers and hope for the best.... So here are some more photos to show the progression... The new stairs go on and flooring starts to go down. The framing goes up for the bedroom. The 2D drawings finally start to take shape in 3D! Poles up for the roof supports for the deck and more framing for the bedroom. My kitchen gets cut up to put in the door access from house to new deck. My poor kitchen.... at least this means I will get a new kitchen soon too!! Then there was a large break as we waited for roofing structures to be ordered and delivered. I haven't added these pictures onto the computer yet so you will have to come back and check them out later! But I thought I would share some photos of my garden as well. A little while ago I thought I would put a rotting tomato into a pot and see if it would grow. Well grow it did! We now have about 40 tomato plants growing strong and now flowering and fruiting from that one old tomato! To this we have added capsicum and lettuce and it joins capsicum and silverbeet we already had growing! It has been a great thing for the kids watching their food grow, and we can't wait to try the tomatoes. I am thinking there will be a lot of bruschetta being eaten (just have to get some basil into pots now!!) not to mention salads galore and pasta sauces!! Lucky these are some of our favourites. One of the tomatoes full of fruit. These are all roma tomatoes one of my favourite varieties. We also have a few cherry tomato plants happy in another corner of the garden, yum! Cucumber starting to fruit. You can just make out the little cucumber behind the flower! I love fresh cucumber and I can't wait for these to be ready to eat! And one of the capsicum hopefully growing big enough to turn red and be eaten! OK, enough from me today. Catch you soon with some more updates!

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