Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Thought I had better use the blog!

It has been just over two months since I set up this blog and I thought I had better start using it! Especially since people from the scrapping community have links to it! Can't let people down! Well, it has been a pretty hectic two months. Especially where work is concerned (Scrapbook City). There have been no end of "issues" with the web site. Just when you think things are starting to improve something else jumps in and messes it all up again. I guess the important thing is not to dwell and look on the positive side. It will all be up and running again (soon I hope) and then we can work on the plan of making it one of the best sites around! I have to admit I am really missing my online community. I enjoy catching up with these people and seeing the amazing work they have to offer. On the home front....Andrew has spent the last 5 weeks in Sydney (home on the weekends) and it is wearing pretty thin on us all, especially Andrew. He has this week and next and then he finishes with that company, has a break and then onto a new job! Thank goodness! Life has been pretty stressful in this current job. We have been trying to win the lotto so he could just quit, but like that was ever really going to happen! The kids have settled really well into the school routine. Niamh is now grade 3 and Erin has just started grade 1. Liam is settling into the daycare routine also, he is only there 2 days a week which is enough for him, and me! I am off to the Paper Crafts festival on Saturday! Yay! A day of drooling over all the cool new stuff! Then on the Sunday I will be working at Scrapbook City's stand. Hopefully I will get to meet some of the many lady's from the shop while I am there too! I have been getting into my photography a bit more lately. Really trying to understand all the features of my new camera, and work out the best settings for things! I got a great few shots of Liam the other day. Will post them in here to show you. Well that is a brief summary of the last two months! Now I will make a date to update regularly! See Ya!

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