Thursday, 15 March 2007

Need to Vent

I am starting to think that all the idiots were out and about today....especially those in cars....Well I suppose I had better explain....It started this morning, I was backing out of a carpark after dropping in to a local ATM, and someone behind in another carpark just started to reverse out without looking behind at all! If they had they would have seen that I was HALF WAY OUT! Lucky I was looking otherwise we would have hit....This idiot continued all the way out without looking behind at all. The passenger, his wife I am guessing saw me but looked blankly at me when I started yelling that he didn't look at all behind him and that I was already halfway out when he started to reverse...AGHHHHHHH.....Then I had to follow behind him and his erratic driving til the next set of lights....I guess at least his other bad driving put my mind my at rest knowing he probably does this sort of thing to everyone...... small consolation though. I have never been angry enough to want to get out and abuse someone until today.....Lucky for them I am in control of myself and I didn't (probably lucky for me too, last thing I want is a police record for road rage or something). I feel somewhat better for venting here. But there were more idiots out there after that, of those days I guess. On a better note, Andrew comes home from Sydney tomorrow and he doesn't have to go back! YAY!!!!! I am so relieved that he doesn't have to go away again.


Brendy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Katie:) Its great to see you have started blogging...
I would like to take you up on the offer of doing a collage of my photos but I dont have your email address to send it to.
Take care

Alicia Barry said...

I totally understand how you feel about driving. I quite like not having a licence over here.