Saturday, 18 June 2016

Some Sharing!

Well, it has been a little quiet over here on my blog, mainly through no spare time due to studies. But I am now officially on break and have time to do other things! Yay!!! I am so in need of spending some time at my craft desk without feeling guilty.

So today I thought I would share the page the I created for Kraft+ for May. I will pop June's (still current even!) up soon.

The criteria for May was to be inspired by this image, and Kraft of course!

At first this one freaked me out and I wasn't sure where to start or which way to go. But I got my act together took a deep breath and just started. I really love the page that I finished with, which ended up taking in the basic design and layout of the image and also the colours, with lots of retro style ephemera for added interest.

Not typically my style, but a fun page none the less! I even managed to include a Charms Creations hessian heart and one of the new paper plane wood veneers from Rainbow Splendour.

Lots of layering of fun little bits and pieces. I love how they don't have any real theme, just layered to look interesting.

I love these teal coloured hessian hearts, so pretty and lots of texture and great to layer with too.

I even did some hand stitching on this one! Are you impressed?!

Thanks for stopping by,

Katie x

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