Tuesday, 28 June 2011

School Holidays

Well, the next round of school holidays have begun. I for one am glad! I think we all needed a bit of time to unwind and relax. The past term, while short was pretty action packed! The kids all had great report cards so we are both very proud too.

Later we will be going to Melbourne for a nice short break. Looking forward to that, it has been around 20 years, I think, since I was last there. And we will be there for the King Tut exhibition which is ultra cool!

So apart from that, things are pretty normal. I have a little bit of scrapping to share and then I am off to check on dinner. Slow cooked beef casserole! Smells delicious!!

I think all of these are based on sketches. I am finding to get things done at the moment that is the easiest way to work! Less thinking on my part too :) From top to bottom I think they were from: Becky Flecks Page Maps 2 (a great book for inspiration!);Write, Click, Scrapbook; Inspired Blueprints.

Oh, see the cool fabric buttons on all three pages?? I have been making my own! Aren't they cool, and so simple too, so now I can co-ordinate with whatever I am working on. Sweet!

Catch you next time.


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