Monday, 12 October 2009

Back in the Swing

Well, school holidays have come and gone (and I think I need a week all by myself to recover!) and life is getting back to the usual routine. School, Kindy, Work and all those things that go along with that. The bright side is I have been able to get back to doing some things just for me! Like buying new Slice cards....I know I probably don't really need any more new ones...but....I am waiting for my Vintage Findings and FaLaLa ones to arrive in the mail and I have Mix and Mingle sitting on my desk waiting for a play! Very cool. I also really like the look of the Jungle and Sea ones being released soon. I think these might have to go on the Birthday/Christmas list! I also bought Big Kids during the holidays, taking my total to 12 cards (ok, I do have a problem, but at least the obsession is mostly harmless!) I have a couple of pictures to show you the day the sky went orange when we were in Sydney. Andrew described it best as feeling like we were in a glass of Fanta. It really was that orange. The first is the view from our apartment on a normal sunny day and the second, well its orange and the visibility is pretty low. I also have a page to share, this was done a little while ago and I just haven't got around to posting it. It is from last years fete and the look on Liam's face in the last shot is priceless. It is funny to think that this year he was doing this ride all by himself! What a difference a year makes. I have a few other pages in the wings and hope to get them up soon so keep an eye out. Not to mention I will have to report back on the new Slice cards! I will also add in a few more photos from Sydney. We had a ball and the kids really enjoyed the experience too. Till later, catch you soon.

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