Friday, 17 July 2009

Me again..

Hi all, me again, back for the second time this week! Well I have a few pages to share, so I thought I would just jump on in and put them up before something gets in the way! I feel like I have been on a bit of a roll this week, with five layouts created so far! I have to warn you now though, there are some photos that some may find......totally hilarious and I am sure my children will be totally embarrassed and may not talk to me for a while, but hey isn't that what parents are for??!! Here to make our children's lives miserable??!!! Ok, these first three are quite tame and not hilarious at all, but that could be because I took the photos! The next two use photos that Liam and Erin took of themselves one day while playing with the camera (and no not my big camera, just the little point and shoot that is safe for them to use, for now...maybe I will let them use the big camera in a few years...maybe....) This one I have done for the Out of the Hat July challenge! You can tell Liam had the camera on auto and the flash fired, but the stunned mullet look!! So funny! Now these ones of Erin had me in stitches!! It is the top one with the bulging eyes and flaring nostrils, has me in hysterics every time I look at it! But I guess this is what you get when they have free reign with the camera and they aren't anywhere interesting! They only have themselves to photograph!! Funny stuff and boy am I going to get into trouble for posting this one! I was in enough trouble for printing the photos in the first place!! Anyway, hope these give you a giggle and make your day a little brighter! I think I might just go and scrap some more!

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Anne P said...

Fantastic Katie, love it. Love what you did with those pictures and your take on Out of the Hat this month :)