Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Oh My Goodness...

It has been over a month since I have posted! Time is certainly disappearing up its own fundamental orifice isn't it??!! Anyway, a fair bit has happened in that time, the most recent news being the sad passing of my Grandfather (aged 84) last week. This was something that was no real surprise, but a shock none the less. He had been sliding into deeper depression since the passing of my Grandmother (his wife) about 6 months ago. At least they are now together again and he is at peace and free from the Pakinson's disease that was controlling his frail body.

Other news, we had the Papercraft Festival in March, just before Easter and that was a bit of fun. I had the high pressure job of getting 3 mini books done in the space of about 2 1/2 days! But they all came together in time! Then there was Easter, lots of indulgence (of course) and plenty of catching up with family.

And now we are in April, counting down the days until my SIL delivers her first child! This will be my first "blood" nephew/niece and I am very excited! I think my SIL however is over the whole pregnancy thing and is just ready to have the "blessed thing" out! I can so relate to those feelings! The last month is the longest I am sure of it! Anyway, it will happen and then she will wonder what happened to that time!

I have been getting into digi scrapping a bit lately and boy is it fun! I love learning the processes for creating my own bits and pieces and I love surfing the web looking for great new kits and bits and pieces. Scrapbook City has jumped into digi too and they are affiliated with Polka Dot Potato which has lots of great kits and stuff! Oh, so much to see and play with and oh so little time!

Oh, also over Easter I purchased myself some photography props, specifically for photographing kids. I took everyone down to Ikea on the Easter Monday (and I swear all of Brisbane was there!) and picked up some little wicker chairs and some great stools. Of course I have already had my kids pose on them so I could see how they worked! The other thing I have done is switch my camera over to RAW format! And boy am I wishing I had ventured over to this earlier! I am so much more pleased with my photos since doing this!

Anyway, that about sums up life here over the past month. Here are a few photos and scrapping projects that I have done in that time too. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by.

These are a couple of my digi layouts. I loved creating the scallop effect and also the curling photo effect, not to mention I made my own stitches!!

And here are my props. The stool is just the right height to be used as a table between the chairs so it opens up all sorts of possibilities!

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