Thursday, 7 February 2008

Why oh Why??!!

Do the days and then the weeks keep flying by so quickly??!! I am trying to get more organised and I am starting to succeed, it just may take a little more time before this filters down to my blogging!

Well, school has started, and Liam was accepted for a two day spot at the local Kindy. We are very excited about this and it also means I don't have to take the car out when I drop kids off!! It is all within walking distance! Yay!! Everyone is settling into the new year which is good and Niamh is absolutely beside herself with excitement as she has just bought home her cello. She will be learning this over the year through the school and she couldn't be happier. Let's just hope this enthusiasm stays for the rest of the year and beyond!

Little Erin has just lost her first tooth so she is pretty excited too. The tooth fairy bought a very reasonable $3 for this special first tooth, and as you can imagine that money was burning a hole in that little girl's pocket! So off to Smiggle we went. To her credit she bought three pencisl with cute little animal toppers, one of which she gave to her best friend so they could be matching at school!

A couple of weeks ago I helped someone from a forum I read and join in on now and then with a photoshop "clean-up" and I have to say I was very impressed with myself! I had to remove lens flare from some wedding photos (I ended up helping with four photos in all) and I asked if it were ok to add a before and after shot to my blog to "show off" my skill! Lucky for me I was told yes! So here are the before and after shots:

This is the "before" shot with the lens flare.

And this is the "after" photo after I removed said lens flare.

Not too bad a job hey??? What I was so happy with, besides the result I achieved, was how I was able to just "do" things in photoshop already basically knowing what I needed to do to fix the problem! Maybe there is a photoshop expert in me yet!! I know I still have a lot to learn (there is soooooo much this program can do after all) but I also am confident on alot of basic and not so basic editing now! Yay me!!!

In fact I will be teaching photoshop through Scrapbook City this month and since it appears to be a popular class, will be running them regularly! The on-line versions will be up and running hopefully later this month or early next month too!

Anyway, I have to scoot, got a school meeting to get to...until next time.....thanks for stopping by....


Lauren said...

Hay Katie,

You sound really busy, the photo looks great, your a wizz girl, I'm glad that you could improve the cherished memories of some ones special day.

Have a great weekend, Lauren x

Terri said...

Hi Katie,

Can't wait to do the online classes. I find the more I play around with photoshop the better I'm's just finding the time to play that's the problem.

KathyJ said...

Your one busy girl Katie! The photo looks fantastic thanks to you! Congrats to you're litle ones for 1)Kindy, 2)losing first tooth & 3)Cello! :)