Saturday, 16 February 2008

So much to do...

Well, I have managed to get on again and not so long since the last post! Life as usual has been pretty busy, especially where Scrapbook City was concerned. This was due to Leisa and Kerri both being over in the USA for Winter 2008 CHA. This kept all the girls of the shop nice and busy while they were away!

They both arrived back yesterday and I think you can safely say they are "bursting" with new ideas and exciting concepts and products, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Aside from that, I finally managed to post up to Lauren the layouts from her holiday that I did. They were in A4 size (approx) and this was a size that I haven't done before as I normally scrap in 12x12inch. But I have to say I loved the experience! I have all the materials for doing an album for Andrew from his Japan trip from 2004 in this size and now I am even more excited to get started! I know that Lauren has received the layouts now so I think I can share them with you here!

It was a great experience playing with someone else's photos too! Thanks Lauren for the opportunity and I would love to see the complete album when it is all done!

Life otherwise is pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Kids going to school, lunches to be made that kind of thing. I guess February brings lots of celebrations for us though with Andrew and my anniversary (13 years this year!), Niamh turned 9 (can you believe it?!) and Erin will be 7 next plenty to keep us busy! Here are a couple of more photos....

So now you can see the toothless grin and the first birthday for the year!

Thanks for popping by and catch you soon!


Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Wow Katie - I am sure that Lauren really loves your LOs. The Hong Kong one is my favourite - really have given it a great feel.

Happy Anniversary to you as well!

Terri said...

Katie the layouts you've done for Lauren are great. She'll love them. Thanks for stopping by my blog... I always get a kick when somebody leaves a comment. Can't wait to see what leisa & Kerrie have come back with.