Monday, 4 August 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference...

The blog hop with a difference has been spreading across the crafting webisphere for a little while now and I have to say I am honoured to have been chosen by the lovely Renee Iveson to be another link in the chain! I had to have a little giggle at her post where she said she had been FB stalking me! Funny, but an amazing ego boost!

I will get to sharing a bit about me, myself and I shortly. But firstly, I wanted to say that I won't be continuing the chain as it has been going. The people who I asked to join us have been busy, or asked before or for some other reason just not able to participate. And I get it, sometimes getting to one's blog on any regular basis is hard. So instead I am going to throw up some links to others blogs that I think you should check out anyway!

So a bit about me:

1. What am I working on right now?

To be perfectly honest, nothing! I am in between Creative Team tasks, been busy with family commitments and getting ready for the Kindy photo season. I do find that having a break from time to time is necessary and usually results in the feeling of desperately needing to get to my scrap desk! The only thing on my craft desk right now are some photos that I am thinking about using!

Here is my White with 1 sample for this month, something that was created not too long ago!

White + Liquorice

 And a couple of close ups:

I had fun creating the background for my Silhouette to cut out. It is great having a tool that can be so versatile!

2. How long does it take to create a project?

That is a good question! Usually, if I have the time and inclination a couple of hours, not solid though! Other times I can have a project on my desk being "worked on" for days as I grab 10 minutes here and there to rearrange, add, subtract or otherwise get that bolt of lightning on what to do!

Here is a page I completed a little while ago for a cyber crop that never got finished in time. The challenge was a colour one with blues, green, yellow and brown.

3. What are my favourite things that I love to create with?

Usually something along the following are used almost every page:

Wood veneers
Enamel dots
Silhouette creation

4. How does my creative process work?

Sometimes I really don't know! It just happens! If I am feeling flat as far as the ol' mojo goes then a challenge or sketch is usually a good place to start the ball rolling.

If I have something specific to complete I tend to overthink it, which is very suffocating to the creative process, so I will browse my Pinterest boards and usually something, even a small detail will inspire me to start. The rest of the process is a lot about grabbing things, laying them down where I think they will go, moving them, adding things, taking things away until I get to a point where I am happy with the basic layout and I start sticking.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

A lot of screen time! I love browsing the galleries at Studio Calico and adding to my Pinterest board. Reading blogs of my favourite scrappers, watching videos on processes and techniques. You tube is my friend!

6. What is my signature style?

I think you could describe my style as clean with clusters and splatters! I love the mixed media phenomenon but I certainly am not as adventurous nor "messy" as some out there! I love to include and try out new techniques and ideas, especially ones that stretch my product further!

So that is me! Thanks for dropping by. Here are a few scrappers that I admire for many different reasons, so go and check them out and be inspired too!

Kylie Cornish - I "met" on the D'Lish Scraps creative team. She creates a mean sketch and has a style that I relate too!

Ros Madley - Also a D'Lish Scraps aquaintence! I love how she experiments with her Silhouette and again her creative style strikes a chord with me.

Sandra Wallace - I met Sandra on the White with 1 team. She is lovely lady very passionate about her craft and is the creator of the Facebook group Watch, Be Inspired, Create where you can go and share videos or find great stuff to watch.

Katie x


Anne P said...

Well, I was stuck with three half done things on my scrap desk and very little to share, but I LOVE your WW1 take. I think I might need to have a go at that this month. :D

squoodger said...

WTG Katie! love your work and was heaps cool reading some more about you!