Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hello... I'm Back!

Geez, you think you are on a good thing, getting things done timely, then it all just goes out the window! Oh well, as they say in the movies, "That's Life"!

But never the less, I am back. Today with some more Studio Calico - Bright Idea inspired pages, and my beginnings into Project Life. I had been scared off by PL with all those people doing weekly spreads. One I just don't have the time and two I don't have the inclination to document like that, so I just wrote it off as not for me. But the more I saw, the more I thought I could adapt it to suit me, and I had tried to do something a little like this years ago before the trend hit (not so organised as this is however, just a summary kind of documention!), and I had "stuff" that I could use, so I thought, why not!

I have decided to do a monthly overview instead of a weekly one, with the option of making more spreads if the month was particularly "busy". I know others are doing this out there, so I know I am no pioneer, nor unique, it just took me a little longer to get there than others! Anyway, enough waffling, the outcome is something the kids love, is easy for me to keep up with, and a great way to have an overview of the year in a simple format! Yay!

So let me share with you my latest tinkerings!

Firstly Bright Ideas # 8 String Art - use string art somehow, somewhere on your page.

I ended up having fun with this, and love the yellow (one of my fav colours right now!).

Bright Ideas # 9 - Washi Tape Takeover - use no patterned paper, use washi instead, cool right?!

What I ended up doing for this one is cover some cardstock in stripes of washi to create my own patterned paper, then I cut tags and other bits and pieces to create my background. My favourite part was the washi feathers that I made (in the close up picture), based on an idea that I pinned and I am not exactly sure where it originally came from, but very very cool!

So next up are my first PL spreads - Dec 2012 and Jan 2013. Nothing amazingly exciting about them, but my start to more regular documenting, and that is what is important!

I quite enjoyed making one photo fit four slots, a great way to get a large photo in! Now that I have played with what I already have on hand, I can feel the need to add to my "stuff" to be better organised!!! Any excuse, right?!

Til next time.


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