Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More Photos and stuff...

Back again! Thought I would share another couple of photos from our coast get away.

Erin and Liam having a "Zen" moment in the water, also providing proof that despite the cold they did actually go into the water!

Love seeing the penguins at seaworld! Hard to photograph them well in the water and through the glass when they move so fast though! I liked this view, he looked like he was swimming right at me!

Penguins again! This time just through the glass and not through glass and water! They are such lovely creatures! Could watch them for ages.

So yesterday was first day back at school, so what is any self respecting Mother to do with her time? scrap of course, and I did! Finished a page for the Scrap the Girls challenge blog. This months criteria was: Black + White + One other colour (just like the penguin above!)

Love this photo of Niamh, taken using my phone when we were out at South Bank earlier this year. This is the common scowl I get these days when I try to take a photo of her. I wonder if she will grow up and then start asking why there aren't many photos of her as an early teenager??!! I just noticed too, that my colour scheme does match the gorgeous king penguin in the photo above! Too funny!

Anyway, done for now. Catch you later!


Monica said...

seriously beautiful photos!!
I am loving thi slayout, the chevron looks fantastic an dthe black and yellow cluster is perfect!!

Fiona said...

Fabulouos layout, love the yellow and the chevron! Thanks for playing at STG!

Marisa said...

oh I love your colour selection for this challenge, fantastic page! Thanks for playing along at STG :)

donna said...

kids just don't seem to feel the cold when they are at the beach, beautiful photos.
I love the yellow in your layout, it really pops!
Thanks for joining us at STG this month
D x

Paula said...

Brilliant photos! Also brilliant layout, love your colour choice & stamping! Thanks for playing over @ STG! :)

Belinda Scott said...

Love, love your title and photo!!! And that you choose yellow. Have become a follower (I hope, it says my end that I have)

Marelize said...

Oh, this is really gorgous! Love the yellow and the chevron looks great. :)