Sunday, 6 March 2011

Out of the Hat March Challenge

So, I have finished my sample for the March challenge at OOTH. If you remember from the last post the criteria was:
1. Use twine
2. Use a number in your title
3. Make your own journalling spot

So here is my result. I have made some twine buttons as well as wrapping some around my number in the title. For the journalling spots I stamped with three different stamps onto lined paper and arranged on my page to act like one bigger space.

I also have this page which was from a sketch at Stuck?! for February that I didn't get done in time. But I couldn't let the half done page go to waste could I?? So here is the sketch and then my version.

I also have a few photos to add today. A couple from the neighbourhood walk that Liam and I took a couple of weeks ago. This first one shows the tree marker in the street behind us to show how high the water came up in January. With Liam underneath it really gives it perspective. Liam is approximately 130cm tall, so you can imagine just how deep the water was here.

This next one looks down the river from the Walter Taylor bridge at Indooroopilly. You can see the marker of how high the river went just by the dead foliage on the trees that grow on the bank.

Remember my little nieces?? Well I had the pleasure of seeing two of them last weekend, so of course I took the opportunity to photograph them as well. Little Alice (who was born at the beginning of November) has grown so much. Jasmine is fast approaching 3 and is such a little character. She absolutely loves her cousin Liam though! It is sweet to see how much she dotes on him.

I also snapped a couple of my own kids, except for Niamh. Well I did get her but she was pulling such faces that I am sure she would kill me if I uploaded them! Instead I am saving them for a scrapping project, just don't tell her that!!

I cannot believe how grown up Liam looks now. Erin too is no longer a little girl. I wish they would stop this growing business, it is making me feel old.....

Anyway, more washing to hang out now. Catch you later!

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