Tuesday, 29 June 2010

School Holidays

Well, schools over for another term, and we are all glad of a little relaxation. Well, how about just not having to go anywhere in a hurry in the mornings! The term finished with a bang with Niamh finishing off her ancient civilisations studies with a much anticipated "medieval feast". I was not able to be there for the feast, but I helped by creating some "oil painting" artwork of the teachers for the castle and also helped with the decorating. It was looking fantastic too, and from all reports was a wonderful event. I adapted Niamh's Greek Goddess dress to be a medieval dame with some sleeves and change of hairstyle, and it didn't look too bad even if I say so myself! The kids all did well on their report cards and there was especially high praise for both the girls on their instrument work. Now we can relax and take a breather before hitting the downhill run to the fete next term, along with birthdays and new babies! I can't remember if I mentioned before but I am going to be a aunty to two new babies this year! I am so excited! The first is my sister due in August and then my brother and his wife due in November. The kids are really excited too. We all love babies to play with! I am gearing up for some great classes at the shop too and my photography is doing well too. Busy on all fronts there. We are now on the look out for a new car (a second car to boot! the first time in over 10 year we will be a two car family). I am a little excited about this as the new car will primarily be my run about for photo shoots. I am leaning towards something cool like a Toyota Yarris or Mazda 2 or something similar. I have been scrapping too. I am still having so much fun playing with my new found passion of inks and stamping. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some Dark Room Door stamps into the shop too, can't wait to play with those! So here are a couple of pages, trying to scrap some older photos and use up some of the many patterned papers and embellishments that I seem to own! I have just recently seen a great video tutorial on making some flowers that I can't wait to try so keep a look out for that. But for now, so long and thanks for stopping by. Katie

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Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Ohh my goodness Katie - I had repressed the memory of that photo!! No, really I must scrap that as well - way too funny