Wednesday, 8 October 2008

School Holidays....Been and Gone

OK, I was looking forward to these school holidays as a chance to wind down after a busy couple of months. Well, no such luck, they disappeared way to fast to be of any real use! Admittedly we didn't do much, but they still disappeared into a puff of smoke with school starting back Monday this week. We did however catch up with Sue, Grant, Daniel and Rachel and also Jenny, Richard and Jasmine. The kids saw Wall-e (Liam for the second time as he loves the movie that much!), the girls graded to orange belt in Karate, we went to Rocks Riverside and took some great photos, we went to the local library, watched some dvd's hmm, well I guess we were kept pretty busy! I have lots of great photos to share today too. Some more of my beautiful little nieces Jasmine and Rachel (she just turned 2 can you beleive it??!!), and some general family ones.
Little Miss Rachel at her party.
The kids at Rocks Riverside park. They loved exploring the old equipment.
Liam has been building things from his lego non-stop these holidays.
Well, these are of cheeky little miss Jasmine! She is growing so quickly.
Oh, and these of me and Liam and me. I set a challenge at Scrapbook City to do a self-portrait and then scrap it so, I thought I better put my money where my mouth is and join in! I am really pleased with this photo, now I just have to scrap it. The one with Liam, well lets just say he didn't want to be left out of the photo! Speaking of Scrapbook City, they have just launched a big competition finishing in the Scrapbook City Christmas party and Awards Night 2008. There are five challenges set on the message board with five fantastic prizes and a random draw prize of a Slice! How cool is that?! So drop over and check it out you may just want to give it a go! Well, thats it from me. Things to do places to go and people to see! Just the usual in other words! 'Til next time!

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Lauren said...

Hi Katie, I like the pics there so good, I might have to get you to shoot me when I'm down in November.

Great challenge too I had fun doing it, though when it came time to photograph it it woulds't stop raining!! I've got to learn to scan.

Cheers, Lauren