Sunday, 5 August 2007

Well what happened to July??

July is gone already. Wow. Time is sure flying past and we are fast approaching the downward run to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Anyway, lets not get too far ahead of ourselves!

As promised I have finally sorted out some photos from Currumbin, and there are a few good ones, even if I do say so myself! This first one is one of my favourites, mainly because it was a hard one to shoot! That is my arm holding the feeding tray and armful of birds! Trying to get a heavy camera in a position to take a photo at the same time was tricky I can tell you!

Lat weekend was the Scrapbook City retreat weekend. It was a very successful even by all accounts! I was lucky enough to teach a class on the Sunday to a very laid back group of lovely ladies (quite a few of whom I know through the message board). I also gave a quickie photography class. It was great to hear the Ohhh moments happening as some of the tips I gave them fell into place! Here is the group photo that I took just before everyone left on Sunday.

As far as the photography goes I have been busily working on assignment photos this week. Some of them with interesting results. One of the requirements was for a close up shot of a vegetable. Have a look at the result! Whoever would have thought a piece of broccoli could be so interesting??!!

Also I needed to do a landscape. So I took myself off to the pedestrian bridge crossing the river next to the William Jolly and got a reasonable picture of the river.

Andrew wants me to mention my funny story from while I was out on location shooting assignment photos. I had myself sort of hidden in a bus shelter taking photos of cars to demonstrate shutter speed and motion effects. Well, the cars that saw me there with my camera appeared to be worried I was a speed camera person and started slowing down! Maybe I need to get out there more often!!!

Anyway, there is July up to date. I will try and get on a bit more often during August!


Angela said...

I know what you mean Katie! Love your pics!

Jen said...

Hey Katie, what where your photo assignment pics for. They are great